Design by Linda Vrňakova

Design by Linda Vrňáková



Photo by Petr Vysohlid



I am someone who has always enjoyed working with my hands, I love to be creative in producing something. I was always more enticed to my grandparents' garage rather than playing with with my doll.

Nature inspires and recharges me. I often go for a stroll into nature or to run. Nature, for me, cures all! I love to paint. Painting is a pursuit where I do not have to think, spontaneously throwing the paint on the canvas - I can do a great job of it. Travelling is the best way for me to relax. I travel in search of more nature and the knowledge of other nations and cultures, seeking adventures and experiences that positively influence me. 

Sometimes my work is accompanied by doubts. Doubts about me, if what I do is good. If he likes others. But I try to displace such thoughts. I think every thing will find her admirers. Or at least I believe in it. Faith is a very important part of my life for me.

The great things of curiosity and imagination in me are the old things. I like to climb to my grandmother on the ground and there for a few hours I play in old things or I go to a landfill where my treasures are hidden. I started collecting old iron baths from these dumps and creating new things in the form of seating furniture. For me, old things have an incredible value, hiding the mysterious history and energy of the people who used them. 

Recycling fascinates me, but first of all I like to invent new things that have practical use and make us happy or improve our lives. All I create is primarily manual work. All my products are trying to give me a unique look, uniqueness and exclusivity. 

I try to approach my work responsibly, socially and ecologically, not creating waste and unnecessary things unnecessarily.