Design by Linda Vrňakova

Design by Linda Vrňáková



Indoor ColLection


Collection of hanging indoor rocking chairs. The collection uses certified massage balls based upon the proven Czech physiotherapeutic method and will enhance your relaxation. Pleasant and high-quality coating material is aqua clean, easy to clean and maintain. It is colour-stable and abrasion-resistant. 

I was inspired by my own lack of rest feelings and from the need to learn to meditate, to let my imagination work and to relax in a gentle swinging that is so beneficial to our body and mind. I wish it also serves you well for relaxing, resting and deepening your inner peace and well-being, so you can be happy. 

An important added value is the handmade production I am proud of. It is a very important part of me. Equally important is the cooperation with my suppliers and their quality of production and products that I carefully choose.

basic PARAMETers:

                             SIZE:     110X160 cm
                          balls:     CERTIFIed massage
                    MATERIaL:     100% polyester, genuine leather, Beechwood, cotton ropes
                      colour:      wide range
 aproximate weigth:       8 KG
          load capacity:       120 KG


Further information and colour selection is available upon request.