Design by Linda Vrňakova

Design by Linda Vrňáková



I say that the best entry for the artist is the minimalistic assignment. Let creativity work intuitively so that it does not have to be too restrictive and the result could be something completely new, fresh and appealing. And so that the author's handwriting is at the end.

In cooperation with the contracting authority, LIV wants to act as a partner who, apart from the functionality and the abovementioned attributes, will also offer what is the pillar of their products. Fun and relaxation. And perhaps much more.

In line with long-term brand goals, that is to improve the quality of life of LIV owners, we will be happy to use our know-how to create projects for the well-ness center, chill out zone or hotel or business lounge.

Our common goal is for those who are most important to us, OUR CUSTOMERS, to feel comfortable in LIV products and to wear those feelings in themselves.