Design by Linda Vrňakova

Design by Linda Vrňáková



The uniqueness of the LIV branded products was created by stuffing the seating furniture with special foam balls designed for A SPECIAL PHYSIOTHERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUE. 

The author of this auxiliary physiotherapeutic method is the Czech physiotherapist Zdena Jebava. Massage with PUR foam balls helps primarily asthmatics. It can also be used to relieve the chest, back and other muscles. The use of this method has expanded from pediatric pneumology to physiotherapy, orthopedics, neurology and other disciplines. Ball massage uses compression of acupressure points. 


One of LIV's long-term goals is to examine and confirm the positive impact of its products on the condition of their users. That's why we try to work with the founder of the method of Mrs. Zdenka Jebava to spread the discovery with humility. It is not a more beautiful feeling than to create something that complements the interior, it serves comfort and at the same time can help to improve the overall quality of life. 

Another element that can positively affect the human body and which we use in LIV products is MAGNET. 

The curative effects of the magnet have been known for centuries. Already old Etruscan and Chinese knew the healing power of a stone called magnetite. The name of the stone was derived from the Greek city of Magnesia, where the rock was mined in a raw state. It is preserved that even Hippocrates utilized methods of attaching magnetite to treat pain, wound healing and joint swelling. Magnetotherapeutic effects are used, for example, for cell regeneration, relaxation or for the treatment of inflammation. 

For the time being, the only LIV product to which the magnets have been integrated, is EGREMI.