Design by Linda Vrňáková

Design by Linda Vrňáková




I am a girl, who enjoys manual activities and who likes to create and fabricate things. Ever since I was a little girl, I was more attracted by my Grandpa’s garage, rather than dolls and prams.

I jog regularly and also enjoy walks throughout the countryside. The outdoors works wonders for me, it is a cure for all sickness and a great way to recharge batteries. I find it also unbelievably inspiring. I just LOVE painting. Painting is a way of escape for me, something where I can totally switch off and don’t have to think about anything, somewhere I just spontaneously throw paint onto the canvas. It is a great way to rest. The best relax for me is traveling. I travel for both nature and to discover other nations and cultures, to experience adventure and no matter what I encounter during the travels, I always take only the best from it!

Being totally myself is when I paint something, saw, design, invent, draw, create and make a piece of furniture or anything, that makes me feel like a DIY girl. This is when I am most happy and free to do what I enjoy.

My work is sometimes accompanied by doubts… if what I do is good enough, are others going to like it etc. However, I am trying to push these negative thoughts aside. I think, that each of my creations find its own fans, or at least its what I believe in. Belief is a very important part of my work.

I really like antiques, they provoke both interest and imagination within me. Going to my Grandma’s loft and searching through the stuff there is so exciting and can take me several hours. Another treasure island in this regard is going to disposal sites, where I find incredible material I often use in my creations. For instance, I started collecting old, metal bath tubs, which I refurbished into new, sitting furniture, that had a great acclaim. For me, old things hold priceless value as they hide mysterious history and energy of the people, who used it.

I don’t focus on recyclation but on innovation of things, that have practical use and are also pleasant. Above all, everything that I create is my own handwork. I tend to give all of my products personality, uniqueness and exclusivity.


czech / english


Photo by Petr Vyšohlíd